Moving Forward- Path or Wander

My tendency in nature is to wander.  Paths are good for getting from one point to another, but wandering allows for exploration outside of a linear, defined line.  As we go through life, we sometimes need to follow a path, maybe a highway, to get where we want to get to.  Do I continue to [...]

Moving Forward- Path or Wander2020-05-05T14:23:10-06:00

Tips for Increasing Ease and Fulfillment (even now in these unique times!)

Self-care is especially critical in this time.  How, might you ask, can you care for your well-being when you are isolated at home, can't do the things you normally do, or are worried about how you will pay bills or what the future might bring? Here are ideas that take little time and can help [...]

Tips for Increasing Ease and Fulfillment (even now in these unique times!)2020-04-07T09:36:24-06:00

Celebrate Spring!

Do you notice the shift in your body as the days begin to lengthen and warm?  We are part of nature, so if you pay attention you might notice that your body and spirit reflects the cycles of the season. To do this, notice your energy levels, notice how your senses are waking up, perhaps [...]

Celebrate Spring!2020-03-13T12:20:09-06:00

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is a stressful time.  Many people spend more money than they have, eat much more than their bodies need, and are overwhelmed with all the expectations and demands that come at this time of year.  Over-indulgences lead to debt, excessive weight and regretful actions!  Then, we pay the price during the coming [...]

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season2020-01-23T12:53:35-07:00

Getting unstuck

Ever notice how sometimes you just feel stuck?  Not sure how to move things forward, swimming in circles and not getting very far?  We go through life expecting that we can flawlessly move forward.  But when we run into a wall, or don't have what we need to continue, or there is conflict in the [...]

Getting unstuck2019-11-19T10:40:29-07:00

Mindfulness for Stress Relief- Benefits of MBSR

The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society studied over 10,000 participants over eight weeks of MBSR and here's just SOME of what they found . . . Less stress, better mood, and better sleep DNA repair and immune system support A 50 percent decrease in anxiety Improved decision-making Changes to the grey [...]

Mindfulness for Stress Relief- Benefits of MBSR2019-11-14T09:41:48-07:00

How ‘full’ is your life?

We each have our own version of what we want our lives to look like.  While we might not always agree with how another might approach this, being true to ourselves, in alignment with our own values, is critical to our own success. What is your best life?  Who’s to say?  You do!  That is [...]

How ‘full’ is your life?2019-11-17T12:38:23-07:00
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