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Dancing Mountain Storm Consulting (DMS) provides professional life, wellness and nature-connected coaching, and consulting, for people interested in exploring and accessing exceptional balance, wellness, and vitality. Through inspired coaching, guidance and holistic training, you create a healthy, authentic, and fulfilling life.

Working with Dancing Mountain Storm

Coaching session
Action toward goals
Fulfillment, joy & ease

Dancing Mountain Storm helps you…

  • Expand awareness, focus and life satisfaction

  • Create healthy lifestyle habits

  • Increase healthy movement and mindfulness

  • Bring balance to all aspects of well-being

  • Enhance mind/body connection, and connection to natural world

  • Reduce health risks and stress, increase energy

  • Achieve more with accountability partner

  • Feel, think, look and perform better!

  • Optimize inner trust and self-confidence

“Working with Joelle has allowed me to focus, listen to and develop the vision needed, believe in myself, and has provided invaluable accountability, encouragement, and support”  Kym S.

“Joelle listens and really tunes into what you are saying. She also points out (sometimes embarrassingly so) the obvious that we get blinded to.  Here is a soul that tunes into where you are, right now and gives you ideas and suggestions about where to go next, in both your personal and professional world. She is thought provoking, and timely, in addressing your concerns, and she helps you map out a path that you will truly benefit from.  In our journey in life, she makes an awesome guide and dear friend!”  Ann W.

“Joelle makes what seems to be unmanageable, manageable.  When I’m concerned about stress management, exercise motivation, or aches and pains, she breaks the problem down into manageable pieces and helps me find solutions that will work.”  Kim F., Boulder Chamber

“What Joelle brings to her experiences and classes is an understanding of the human experience on so many levels – and she provides ‘tools’ to help bring you into a happier life.”  Barb D.

“I adore your insight & sincerely appreciate the way you communicate your thoughts to me in such a positive way… I love the way you helped me get to know who I am now.  At times I feel so all alone and your support brings me comfort, not to mention resources that I am not all alone.  I so appreciate your thoughtfulness & your intuitiveness, education and training.”  Belinda M.

Programs & Sessions

Coaching, wellness, mindfulness guidance is as simple as a phone call away.  Coaching, training and guiding can happen in the comfort of your home, via phone or Zoom, or in a beautiful natural location along the Front Range of Colorado.  Mindfulness and Nature sessions are also available along the Front Range/Denver Metro area.  Opportunities available through Dancing Mountain Storm include-

  • Life, Wellness and Nature-Connection Coaching

  • Wellness/Mindfulness Education Classes

  • Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Instruction

  • Mind/Body Movement and Fitness Instruction/Training

  • Nature-Connection- Guided Hikes, Wanders, Explorations

Find your unique way to achieve better health, fitness and life satisfaction, while building confidence in maintaining this healthy lifestyle!