Mind/Body Fitness is exercise that combines body movement with mental focus and controlled breathing. You learn safe and effective fitness techniques to improve your physical fitness while staying connected to sensations in your body.

Unite the mind and the body through flowing postures and movement. Guided sessions using hatha yoga to stimulate then relax. Classes or 1-1 available. Move your body gently and with intention.

Discover simple and easy techniques to help calm the mind and relax the body. Classes or 1-1, you learn to bring ease, focus and intention into your life. Indoors or out.

Learn exercise you can do anywhere
Learn movement for better health, even outdoors
Increase tone, flexibility and reduce health risks
Maintain routine, stay motivated and inspired
Learn techniques to enhance relaxation and focus
Be guided through healthy, flowing movement sequence, indoors or out

Mind/Body Programs

  • Adult & Senior Fitness

  • Stretching & Yoga Instruction

  • Individual and Small Group Instruction & Training 

  • Outdoor Fitness and Nature – Connection Treks

  • Mindfulness Guidance – Indoors and in Nature 

  • In Home Training Available

Interested in a mind/body connection in nature?  Hikes, wanders, Full moon treks, movement and mindfulness in the outdoors, please visit Nature.  

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“Joelle has helped me develop a well-thought out plan to begin a work-out routine. She asks the right questions to keep the momentum going. I finally moved beyond ‘talking about it’ into implementation, and it feels great to be making those changes!”  Christine

“I like everything about Joelle’s yoga class, including stress reduction, strength, flexibility, improvement of back issues, comradery with co-workers.   She has helped me to gain strength, flexibility, and inner peace.  A phenomenal Yoga class taught by a knowledgeable, caring, kind, soft spoken lady.”  Yoga Participant

“Joelle has taught movements to keep me more flexible.  I do notice my body working better after practicing the stretching and balance movements.  Joelle constantly offers encouragement and her own emphasis on doing what one can to lessen daily aches and pains. She can effectively teach a class of various levels and provides a continuing explanation of which exercises are best for core work, for stretching the spinal column, for better posture.  I always look forward to classes with Joelle.”  Sandi E.

“And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey of one inch, very arduous and humbling and joyful, by which we arrive at the ground at our feet and learn to be at home.”  Wendell Berry

Exercise Facts

  • Moderate exercise 30 minutes most days of the week can significantly reduce your risk of many diseases and illnesses! Benefits even with a 10-minute block!

  • Elevate your energy levels, mood and sense of well-being. Exercise is a direct line to feeling good!

  • For overall fitness, address all areas – Cardiovascular, Muscle Strengthening, Flexibility and Balance

  • Increasing physical activity can increase energy, reduce health costs and add many more benefits to your health and longevity!

Exercise is not a double four-letter word! It can be pleasurable, not be a chore!  Allow me to help you find healthy and enjoyable ways to move you toward health and fitness!