Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Improve fitness

Get stronger

Lose weight

Eat healthier

Increase energy

Lower blood pressure

Eliminate bad habits

Relax more

Feel great!

Increase longevity

Energy to keep up with grandkids

Reduce chaos/Increase ease

Reduce risk of cancer/illness

Improve flexibility

Breathe better

Wellness coaches focus on the big picture of well-being that impacts health and overall wellness. We specifically focus on habits around fitness, nutrition, weight management, general health and stress management.  We co-actively explore together your beliefs, thoughts and behaviors around wellness, and then create a realistic plan to achieve long-lasting change.

While anyone can call themselves a wellness coach, a professional wellness coach is specifically trained to coach you around your wellness issues, not sell you a product or convince you that you should be anything else but yourself. A wellness coach moves you into action to make healthy and important changes to your behaviors and habits so you are living more in alignment with what is true and best for you.

Wellness Coaching is more effective than any other singular form of support, including personal training!

“You are great at what you do, I appreciate the questions you ask and how you provide new ways to think about approaching better health!”  Anonymous client

“In our first meeting, Joelle listened carefully as I described my overwhelming work life and various issues related to back-pain, excess weight, exhaustion and STRESS.  Joelle understood the entire scope of what I was facing then gave me practical, manageable coaching and suggestions to get started on a path to wellness. My success is largely due to her skillful work and encouragement.”  Jon

“Working with Joelle has been great!  She is always willing to help me brainstorm on how to better reach my goals, give me tips on portion control and help hold me accountable.  And when I feel discouraged because the weight is not coming off fast enough, she is quick to point out the positive things I have accomplished.”  Corporate client

“Joelle’s support and encouragement were key to successful weight loss and improved self-confidence.  Since coaching with Joelle, a lasting benefit is a tremendous boost in self-esteem”  Claire

Establish healthy behaviors and practices

  • Improve health/decrease health risks

  • Get fit and toned

  • Reach/maintain desired weight 

  • Improve self-image and energy

  • Reduce stress

  • Feel great about you!

Sessions can be in person, telephone or Zoom.

“People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.” John Wanamaker