We each have our own version of what we want our lives to look like.  While we might not always agree with how another might approach this, being true to ourselves, in alignment with our own values, is critical to our own success.

What is your best life?  Who’s to say?  You do!  That is why it’s important for you to get clear on what is important to you!  It’s not what someone else wants for you, it’s your own version of what is best for you.  What do you need to move your dream into reality?  For many of us, it takes a lot of courage to move things forward!  Maybe it’s not easy, but the great feeling we gain by living true to ourselves, and living our best life, could be immense!

How do you actually make these changes?  Try this exercise.  Consider your life is represented by a circle, and the circle is broken down into pieces.  Each piece of the circle represents an aspect of our life (think pie pieces).  What are the pieces of your pie (different aspect of your life)?   Family, finances, relationships, work, play, spirituality could all be such pieces.

Now, how ‘full’ is each piece?   If you were to think about the very tip of the pie piece as ‘empty’, or fully unsatisfied, and the wide arch of the crust being ‘full’, or fully satisfied, where would your current level of fulfillment be?  This is a simple but effective way to view our lives.  Your potential in each area is attaining a ‘full’ piece of your pie.  Balanced levels of fullness also might be your ultimate goal.

How you actually fill each piece is unique to you!  What will it take to have each aspect of your life/pie filled?  What step can you do today that my bring up the level of fulfillment in one area?  Moving toward a full pie, fulfilling life, may be the goal to living a rich and rewarding life!  Enjoy your pie!