‘Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent.’ Rumi

Sometimes we spend so much time thinking, that we forget to just observe. Observing requires that you notice, but not analyze, all that is going on around and within you. Most of us find that observing is not so easy.

REFLECTIONMaybe due to the culture and societal ways we were all raised with, it is difficult to allow ourselves the room to just notice things, notice thoughts, without having to change, judge, or do something with them. It’s like we are all hardwired to attach, defend, judge, or somehow categorize.

Within a mindfulness approach, noticing is just that…observing, noticing, without judgement, comparison, or the usual mental conversation about it. And what can we notice this way? Start with the basic noticing right now, then you can move out from there. Don’t try to attach, label or comment, just notice. The artistry is the beautiful weaving of all that is here and present. See it, feel it, release that it needs to be anything different.

How can you bring in this bit of mindfulness and observation in your day?