The moon cycles are reflected in our lives.  Everything is in cycles- the days, the seasons, the years, as well as your energy, projects, everything you do.  Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Consider the cycle of our days.  We wake, it is dawn, the beginning.  As we move into mid-day the day is waxing, we are gaining energy, being active.  Then, our energy begins to wane into evening, we start to wrap up, energy decreases, and then we move into night, we rest, recoup and reflect.


This is the same in any other cycle (see how that relates to the seasons or the moon).  The start of the lunar cycle is new (no) moon, no light is being cast upon it from our sun from our vantage point.  As the moon grows it is ‘waxing’,  we can see more and more light on the moon face. Now, the moon brightness is at it’s peak, full moon.  Soon, the brightness and amount of sun light that we see begins to wane, until again it reaches ‘no moon’ stage.  We could learn a lot of from cycles, about ourselves, and our world, by observing the ebb and flow of these cycles.

In the waxing stage, our energy builds, preparation is happening, we are excited, anticipatory.   This is a great time for planning, getting ready, putting things into play. As soon as we’ve passed the peak, beginning to wane, it is a time of release.   This is the time to let go, reassess. learn.  How might you be filling your time?  What has been building in your life?  What is it time soon to release?  How might the natural cycles help you in moving forward the events and activities in your life?

Experience the full moon, bathe in the light, maybe even howl!  Learn and release.  What do you need to give up?  Maybe fear or discomfort?  How can you allow more acceptance to be created in the space as you go into your next cycle?  

I am available to support you to understand answers deep within you, clarifying direction and intent.  Please schedule some time with me to see what a difference coaching can make in your world.  You can set an appointment here to learn more.  Perhaps need stress relief?  Just an empathetic ear?  I am here.  Enjoy this Strawberry Full Moon!