‘Carpe Diem’, seize the day.  How often have you heard this saying?  Living by this, you are inadvertently aligning with what is most important to you, making the most of the present time.  Is it being with your family and friends?  Maybe travel or building something, or perhaps time in the natural world exploring or doing something you’ve always wanted to do?  Maybe it is making a difference with another being?

Seizing the moment means living in the NOW, being fully present to the deeper mystery of life.  Many of us won’t go to our death bed wishing we did more work, had a bigger house, or invested more money. Often people wish for more time with their family, more meaningful conversations with their spouse, or more time at ease.  It’s not about what we have, that really doesn’t make us happier, it is how we be!  Life is too short to not live this way, so in this time of reflection and re-creation, here are tips to help you seize each day!

  • Be thankful- Give thanks for everything in your life
  • Be optimistic- Find the best in people and circumstances
  • Be spontaneous- Adapt a do-it-now attitude
  • Be a giver- it’s empowering to give, and it feels good, too!
  • Be a forgiver- Let go of past grudges and bad energy
  • Be positive-Turn even the worst situations into victories
  • Be encouraging- Helps others feels strong and confident
  • Be enthusiastic about life!
  • Be joyful- Improves our body chemistry (ups those feel good hormones)
  • Be active- find activities that you enjoy, maybe even share them with others!
  • Be an inverted paranoid- believe the whole world is conspiring to do only good things to you!

Need some help finding purpose, fulfilling, or the best ways for you?  Stuck on why you can’t or what’s stopping you?  You need a life coach!  Let’s schedule a discovery session to help you get back maximizing your potential and bring your life into balance!

Be present to each glorious day and you will be living your life ‘Carpe Diem’!