Do you ever feel like you’re not getting anywhere?  Maybe you keep trying something, wanting a certain result, but all the effort seems for naught.  Feels discouraging, or maybe like you’re wasting time?  Have no fear, maybe you are just stopped!  Whatever it was that you were doing, you just stopped. Stopped moving forward or stopped making progress on a desired goal.  Or maybe you focusing on something in particular along the way, or maybe you were just looking at your feet, forgot where you were going, got lost.  Your destination is no longer in your sights.  Where are you?Woman stopped at wall

Being Stopped in Life

Perhaps you stopped so long you forgot where you were going?  Maybe that’s our big story- somewhere along the road of life we stopped following our dream, or we had to follow another path that wasn’t really ours.  Consider, maybe the stop wasn’t a stop, maybe it was a detour, or you followed another path.  So, you weren’t really stopped, but just a bit distracted.

Yet the only way we go forward is putting one foot in front of the other.  We might first check our compass or our map and ask if we are still on the path we want to be on.  Then there’s trust in stepping forward, one foot at a time, knowing it might take a long time, knowing that we might not always see the destination.  Heck, we might not even be on the right path.  But we step forward, as it looks like this is the direction that will help us to reach that place.  Yes, trust.  Trust counters doubt, doubt that has us stopped, immobile or stuck.

On my life’s journey I’ve stopped multiple times, sometimes in distraction or doubt, sometimes to smell the flowers.   In building my business the reverberations of doubt, that I wasn’t up to this task, have stopped me in my tracks.  Sometimes for months or years.  Yet, my overall vision is to help people see their potential, see their beauty, and sometimes my ‘stopped’ was getting more education around a technique, learning more to be able to do this from a different angle.  So it looked as if my progress forward was halted, but really not.  I still see the same peak in the distance as my focal point.

This stopping doesn’t mean I am lost, I am still on my path, just moving along it at a slower pace, even snail paced, or am looking around for new information.  Just making sure I am on the path I want to be on.

And Moving Forward

...And then I knew sign along path

Stopping, slowing down, reassessing, isn’t bad.  It’s a learning opportunity.

Yet, as we desire to move toward our vision of the life we want, we need to take what we’ve learned and move on.  Are you ready, then, to take the next step on your journey.   Stay on the same path  or follow a new?  Is there something to learn from where you are?

Whether you stopped or started, are on your path, or someone else’s, look at where you are you heading, look around.  Where are you on your journey, moving toward your chosen destination or somewhere else?  What do you need to do to start moving again?  And, are you appreciating the journey, the richness and all the beauty along the way?

“Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain.  An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.” ~ Harold B. Melchart

Ready to step over Future line

Our life’s journey doesn’t often look like what we think it should.  Consider being stopped from a new point of view.  How might you go along now with this new perspective?  What will be your next step?

Coaching is the best profession to help you see where you are, and where you want to go.  My goal in life is to help you get unstuck, and to navigate your best way toward your vision or chosen life destination. I support you on your journey, wherever you are!  Reach out now for a discovery session to find out how coaching can help you get unstuck and move forward toward your life’s vision and purpose!