There I was dancing…Woman dancing wildly

As I danced with two bright and sparkly tassel wands I was entranced by the music, arms and body wildly moving around.  Suddenly, I stopped and looked down at the wands, as they had become all tangled up.  Right in the middle of the dance floor I stood there gazing at the multi-colored knotted mess I had created.  And, while the music carried on and dancers moved around me, I wondered what would it take to untangle this mess, or if I even wanted to bother.

‘Maybe’, I thought, ‘I should just go put these wands back’, and pretend I had nothing to do with them.  The thought continued, ‘Oh, this is too big of a problem to deal with, I’ll never get this untangled’.  And then it occurred to me, that this was like my relationship with my husband- knotted up, stagnant, neither free, and that I just wanted to put away that discomfort and pretend nothing was wrong.

What was this dance trying to tell me?
colorful strands of yarn tangled

But then, as I stood there, I realized that maybe it was possible to untangle the mess.  I began working them, unraveling, unknotting, and then slowly, and with time and patience, I got the two wands untangled from each other, though one was still quite knotted individually.  Pretty streaming colors, yet one still a tangled mess. Was this me or was this my husband?

Movement and music swirled around me, and I still stood there, intent on solving this next dilemma.  ‘I can do this’, I thought to myself.  Who it was almost didn’t matter, as I was on task, and had renewed faith that I could solve this problem.  I could separate myself from him, not be forever entwined and ‘tied up’.  I wanted this, and believed I could flow colorfully and freely. Over the next few minutes I was able to untangle the rats’ nest, and there I stood with two individual colorful wands, flowing freely.

I learned I could untangle myself…

I felt immense satisfaction in my accomplishment.  What I learned here was that I am capable of untangling myself from him, and by doing so, we could both flow freely, be ourselves.  But, I needed trust, and quite a bit of patience.  I felt confident that I could figure out the kinks and tangles in my relationship.  We could untangle the knots we had created and we may be free flowing once again.

I want to hear your story…

Tassle wand

How can you take a difficult situation and untangle it to access what you need most?  Where might you be more patient in working out a problem, not just give up?  What do you need to do to trust yourself, that you have what it takes to work things out?

If you are ready to get unstuck or untangled, find your best direction forward to access your flow and freedom so you can live a more satisfying and fulfilling life, we should talk!

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