Giving Thanks & End of the Year Blessings

We know how extraordinary has been this year
Viruses, wildfires, global protests fuel the fears
We seem more divided, leaders out of line
This certainly won’t be the same ol’ rhyme!

Not so easy through these times we go
Time passes so fast, don’t you know?
Challenges fill our lives in so many ways
Frustration and fear seem to fill our days

A better life we work so hard to make
For ourselves, for the planet, for goodness sake
Even with the craziness that has happened this year
Still so much we can be thankful for, I am clear

What can you be thankful for today?
How can you see life in a whole new way?

I think the way to live is to care
For ourselves, our state, and our planet too
With practice we can expand our view
Slow down, appreciate, and then choose

I offer no gifts, but thoughtful words I give instead
Appreciation and gratitude, much to be said
Don’t let difficulties dissolve your cheer
Remember what’s important to you next year

Thankful for family and friends, Earth and sky, too
Passions and talents that are all part of you

So please when giving to those you love
Remember others out there also deserving of
The warmth of a smile, a hug or just a little while
A tree planted, or more breathable air
What can you do to show that you care?

I send goodwill and blessings of peace to you,
with much joy and thought
I appreciate you being part of my world
And I give you a piece of my heart,
Something that just can’t be bought!

With warmth and love,