I think of the first time I climbed a 14’er (a mountain over 14,000′).  From the base of the mountain, the task looked impossible.  I can believe at that moment that it is impossible to do, and justify this with all kinds of evidence from past experiences and beliefs.  Then, I don’t even bother to try.

Or, I can say ‘I believe I can’, and give it my best effort, focusing on the next section of trail ahead of me, taking it one step at a time.  ‘Yes, I can’ then propels me forward.  I may not always know how, but trust that I will find a way to make it.  That mountain wasn’t impossible after all!

Have you considered where in your life a belief is holding you back from achieving what you really want?   Is it keeping you from even trying?   So often we believe what we think, we believe it as ‘truth’.  But, that is just a thought.  Don’t believe everything you think!  Question your thoughts, look at things from a different angle, or ask, ‘How can I make this work?’

Where in your life do you need to say, ‘yes, I believe I can’ and continue to move forward?