That is the question.  To wander or not, the not being to stay in line with a dictated path.  To wander is to let your body and mind move to where ever the current inspiration takes you.

It’s not a bad thing to stay on trail, stay the course, follow the linear path.  Sometimes it’s better to follow something tried and true, sometimes it’s better to stay on the trail so as not to trample plants or cause unnecessary erosion or disruption.  Yet, to wander is to free the soul, to allow the spirit to just go without limitations, shoulds, plans.  And that is not a bad thing either.

100_2016We humans spend so much of our time in structured ways.  This is often very linear.  But to wander is to just be present to whatever shows up, non-linear, free-flowing.  To wander in nature allows our spirit to be open to whatever may show up – curiosity, inspiration, and by allowing our feet to follow we come upon some fascinating things we would never have if we stayed on the path.

It’s a form a flow, you know that feeling of being so absorbed in something that we are unaware of time, coupled with movement in an ever-changing environment, that opens to some ahh-haa moments.  From a philosophical point of view, it is nice to see how ‘wander’ may show up in our lives.  For me, I am compelled to think outside the masses, to think and sometimes work in circles.  Maybe it sounds redundant to some, yet the cyclic way I go about things is a form of flow, and, given enough space and time, many things circling around become complete.  And, sometimes I need to be linear, to plan and follow the given course.  To everything there is a season…

Where are you compelled to wander in your life?  Are there places where you can free your soul to wander and see what shows up?  I encourage this (and still be respectful to nature by not trampling), and would love to hear how this shows up for you!