We are already seeing signs of the Autumn here in our canyon. The days are shortening, and the light quality has changed.  The air has become crisper, cooler, and smells have also slightly shifted from that of mid-summer.  And, of course the most obvious is the turning of the leaves.  The maples, cottonwoods, currants, grasses and dogbane are all showing their warm Autumn glows, though it’s still too early for the Aspen (that will be coming in a couple weeks!). The critters are scurrying around in preparation for the coming winter, storing up food or preparing to move on.  Summer is coming to an end, and so is our energy.  We are coming to a place where we are completing, harvesting, winding things down.

Frazer Meadows-Golden Gate State ParkIf you pay attention to your own rhythms, you may find that feeling of completion, wanting to slow down, or you maybe ready for more rest after a busy summer.  Just like the seasons, our beings are tuned into the nature rhythms of the season.  Cycles, we go through cycles all the time.  Spring turns into Summer, Summer evolves into Autumn, Autumn shifts into Winter.  And then it starts over.  There are cycles everywhere, everything in life has this – a beginning, a middle, an end, then rebirth (start over or new beginning).  Our days have these cycles, the moon goes in cycles, the seasons, the directions, and every aspect of your life has this rhythm.  Morning like Spring (beginning, waxing energy/passions, preparing for what’s next), Noon time like Summer (hot, action), later Afternoon like Autumn (waning, wrapping up, getting ready for rest), Midnight like Winter (long darkness, contemplative, rest).

View up canyon-CCCHave you notice these changes, or perhaps these cycles within yourself that align with the seasonal change?  Perhaps a fresh burst of energy in the Spring, really busy in the Summer, or the need for more sleep in the Winter?  Are you fighting them?  How can you honor your natural rhythms and activities to be more in alignment with the seasons?  What do you need to do now to move into your own Autumn?  What needs to be wrapped up, slowed down, finish?  How can you end your Summer?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Please reach out to me if you would like to experience connecting more deeply with nature, and being in alignment with your nature!