I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can support people to be healthier and happier.  If you take time to care for your well-being, you could potentially enhance and extend your time on this earth.  Wouldn’t you want this?  If you are going to be alive, why not be as functional, pain-free and happy, as possible?  You have control over that!

Although fitness is one of the most important aspects of self-care (it can yield improved health both in the short-term and long-term), improved wellness is a much bigger picture.  You can access a higher level of well-being living in, or even visiting, mountain communities, and I’d like to share how!

Wellness is the mastery of one’s physical and mental health, including weight, fitness, nutrition, stress, and the mindset to sustain wellness.  Wellness is the intention of improving or restoring one’s health, treating or preventing disease, and taking care of minor ailments and long term conditions.   This includes moving your body (exercise), eating well, practicing good hygiene and avoiding health hazards such as smoking and Radon.  It also includes healthy thinking and healthy relations, with our self and with others.

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We live in the mountains with an abundance of fresh air.  Contrary to popular belief, the most important thing to do in taking care of our well-being is to BREATHE!  Yes, maybe you’ve survived to this point without breathing deeply, as most of us don’t breathe properly, but taking a big breath of air is the most wonderful and healthy things you could do for your body and mind.  Deep breathing (fully filling the lungs with oxygen, fully releasing) will help reduce stress, clear the mind and support you in being ‘present’ (noticing what is happening right now).  And, physiologically, increasing your oxygen uptake affects so many of your body’s functions and bio-metrics, also improving mental function, alertness and focus. By breathing deeply, oxygen gets down into the cells of your body to feed all your organs and bodily systems.  Your body is happy, and so is your mind.

By stepping outside for that deep breath, you can also take in the beauty that surrounds.  Nature heals, that’s a fact.  As you bring yourself to being present to the splendor, the colors, forms, sounds, smells, etc. your whole system relaxes even more. You can even enhance your sense of wonder, while deepening connection nature, and be more in-tune with the  higher self.  Stress levels decrease, making room for appreciation, love and gratitude.  All you need is to do is just slow down, breathe deeply, and allow yourself this time to breathe and be present.  You can take 5, can’t you?

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