…that is the question.  Do I stay on the defined path, focused in on where this path takes me, or do I go off trail, open to exploring the unknown, no real destination in mind, to find something surprising and new?

It’s not a bad thing to stay on a direct path.  Sometimes it’s better to follow the path tried and true, have straightforward direction in getting somewhere, stay on a trail to get to the peak, or not trample plants or cause unnecessary erosion, to protect a fragile ecosystem.  Yet, sometimes we need to wander, without destination, just go where our feet may take us.  Free the spirit, be curious, explore, go without limitations. Perhaps in life it is going into uncharted territories, or letting go of plans, or ‘shoulds’.

We humans spend so much of our time in structured ways.  This is often very linear, structure.  Follow rules, do things just so.  But to wander is to just be present to whatever shows up, non-linear, free flowing.  To wander in nature allows our spirit to be open to whatever may show up- curiosity, inspiration, surprise, and by allowing our feet to follow we come upon some fascinating things we would never have if we stayed on the path.

And, this wandering allows our system to rebalance and regulate.  Studies have shown that a different part of our brain is operating when we are wandering versus when we are doing something more structured.  This is the more creative side, accessing into our intuition and unconscious. Wandering is a form of flow; you know that feeling of being so absorbed in something that you are unaware of time.  Coupled with movement in an ever-changing environment, this opens to some potentially beautiful ahh-haa moments.

How may ‘wander’ may show up in your life?  Are there places where you can free your soul to wander in life, or in nature, and see what shows up?  How might taking a less linear path open to new possibilities in your life?  I love to hear how this shows up in your life!

Looking for a bit more ‘wander’ or spontaneity in your life?  Perhaps coaching may be what you need.  Or, would you like to join a group out on the land to see how ‘wander’ shows up?  Please visit our events page for upcoming wanders.