Do you notice the shift in your body as the days begin to lengthen and warm?  We are part of nature, so if you pay attention you might notice that your body and spirit reflects the cycles of the season. To do this, notice your energy levels, notice how your senses are waking up, perhaps you notice a desire to start working the soil or start a new project, or maybe wanting to create something new?  These are all clues to how our being is responding to Spring, wanting to start, grow, create or birth something new.

Spring is symbolized by new growth, the waking of the world, the desire to emerge after a long, cold Winter. The days are getting longer, and noticeably warmer. And, it has been a long Winter!  What did we learn from our time in contemplation (Winter)?  Are you ready to start to move and explore what you need to grow, or create this season?

I invite you to move with the feelings you have in response to the change of season.  If you are around the Front Range, please join me for our Spring Equinox Wander on March 20 at 5:30pm.  We will be on the land to explore and observe the wisdom of the natural world, contemplate new growth and balance, and welcome the beginning of Spring.  On this guided journey, you will discover how you are connected to the seasons and how you can use this time to achieve balance in your life.

If you are curious about this event or how coaching might help you live more in alignment with what’s most important and inspiring to you, please contact me!  It could transform your life!

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