Practicing extreme self-care

Life as we know it is significantly altered due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this is the time to practice extreme self-care.  While you might be home-bound, or out in public, you can do all kinds of things to keep your stress levels down and your mind engaged.  First and foremost, practice washing your hands and avoiding close contact with others.  The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus.  See the CDC site,, for more.

Reducing stress and increasing mindfulness

Next important thing is to keep your stress levels down, not let your mind get sucked into the fear mentality (or chaotic monkey mind) and find enjoyable things to do.  Simple self-care de-stressors could include- going for walks, spending time in nature; do things you enjoy such as reading, arts, games; be active/move your body; explore; connecting with those you love and care about (from a distance, there are many ways including telephone, social media, web-conferencing apps).

Meditation and mindfulness are excellent ways to practice catching the mind and bringing it back onto a positive, supportive focus.  Mindfulness has been shown to not only bring down stress levels, but also affect heart rate, blood pressure and other physiological responses.  We just feel better, and feel more in control when we practice.  You could do this through breath work, visualization, mantras, yoga, and other gentle movement and mindful practices.

Coaching and guidance

Are you in need of support in these dire times?  Would you like some guidance, be led on a mindful journey, learn relaxation techniques?  Perhaps even some coaching around how you can keep sane and safe in the coming weeks?  Please reach out, I would be happy to support you in staying healthy and bringing some ease and grace into this difficult time.