I think of the first time I climbed a 14’er (a mountain over 14,000′).  From the base of the mountain, the task looks impossible.  I could believe at that moment that I can’t do it, and justify this with all kinds of evidence from past experiences and beliefs.  Then, I don’t even bother to try.

Achieving mountain peak

Or, I can say ‘I believe I can’, even if I don’t know at that moment exactly how, and give it my best effort.  Then, start to develop a plan, some ideas and strategies on how to move forward.  Is there a path, or must I create my own? I take one small step forward, and then another, focusing just on the section of trail ahead of me.  ‘Yes, I can’ then propels me forward.  I may not always know the best way, but am willing to try different paths, learn what works and what doesn’t, in moving me toward that peak, and trusting that I will find a way.  Focus on the goal, but put one foot in front of the other, from the base on up.  That mountain wasn’t impossible after all!

Have you considered where in your life a belief is holding you back from achieving what you really want?   Is it keeping you from even trying??   So often we believe what we think, we believe it as ‘truth’.  Sometimes we need to question those beliefs, especially if they were beliefs ‘given’ to us (family of origin) or assumptions that are made that no longer serve us. How can we re-frame our approach, or look at how to get there in a totally new way?  Question your thoughts, your limiting beliefs, look at things from a different angle, or ask, ‘How can I approach this differently?’.  Where in your life do you need to just say, ‘Yes, I believe I can’ and continue to move forward?

“Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.

Achieving mountain peak

We want to keep ourselves moving forward, focused on the goal, yet there is so much in life to appreciate along the way.  For some, there is only the focus on the goal, with little regard for the journey.  How do you do both, keep yourself focused on/moving toward your dreams/desires, yet enjoying your daily events and situations as you move along?   Our lives aren’t just about the end result, but enjoying our time, day in, day out, as we go along this marvelous journey.  We don’t know what we will encounter, may it be a huge boulder in the path, or an earth shattering riff in the fabric of life, but we learn and adapt as we go along. Where can you start to look around and enjoy the many wonderful things that now existing and are part of your life?

And in this time, we are quite capable of looking forward, yet attending to the ground beneath our feet.  We can make the best of where we are now, and enjoy (or make the best of) this journey while keeping our future in mind.  Start thinking and believing that you can, don’t be stopped by the fears, what if’s, and limitations that monkey mind can create.

If you have thoughts to these important questions I would love to hear back from you!  How do you move yourself forward?  If you need support in moving past limitations and fears I am here and happy to help.  To your best life,