While I would normally be guiding a full moon hike this Tuesday, instead I would like to share with you some great information about the significance of the full moon.  The start of the lunar cycle is new (no) moon, where we can not see the light being cast upon it by our sun.  As the moon grows it is ‘waxing’,  we can see more and more light on the moon face. Now, the moon brightness is at it’s peak, full moon.  Then, the brightness and amount of sun light that we see begins to wane, until again it reaches no moon stage.

The moon cycles we witness are also reflected in our lives.  Everything is in cycles- the days, the seasons, the years.  Consider the cycle of our days.  We wake, it is dawn, the beginning.  As we move into mid-day the day is waxing, until the peak (mid-day), then it begins to wane into evening, then night.  We could learn a lot of from cycles, about ourselves, and our world, by observing the ebb and flow of these cycles.

In the waxing stage, our energy builds, preparation is happening, we are excited, anticipatory.   This is a great time for planning, getting ready, putting things into play. As soon as we’ve passed the peak, beginning to wane, it is a time of release.   This is the time to let go, reassess. learn.  So, as we come to the peak of the full moon how might we respond?  What has been building in your life?  What is it time now to release?  How might the natural cycles help you in moving forward, even completing, things in your life?

Please get out and experience the full moon, bathe in the light, maybe even howl!  And, if I can support you to connect more deeply with nature or access the answers deep within you, I am happy to help through coaching and guiding. Please reach out to set an appointment.  

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Mindfulness Meditation Class- Wednesday, April 8, 6pm

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