Nature Heals

Since the beginning of time, nature has provided much to humans, not just for survival, but also in restorative value.  Contemporary studies show that nature has many positive impacts on humans.   One study showed patients in a hospital healed faster on the side which overlooked a natural space.  Findings are so convincing that some mainstream health care providers have begun to promote nature therapy for illness and disease prevention.

‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better’ Albert Einstein

Nature DisconnectMeadow and mountains in Gunnison County

Although we are part of nature, many people in modern society are quite removed, removed from their senses or intuition, removed from connection to the world that gave life. We’ve become distracted and dependent on technology, seeking the next thrill or stimulation that will help us feel better about ourselves.  People swirl unconsciously around their busy lives, oblivious to the natural world or their part in it.  Many aren’t aware of what we need and get directly from it, such as food and shelter.  Spending time in nature and developing our sense of awareness improves our well-being, connects us to that which gives us life and helps release pent up hormones (such as cortisol, which can do damage if it stays in the body) and stress.

We don’t need to go deep into the wilderness to gain benefit from nature, often just out the back door. Nature provides health, answers, and opportunities to learn.  In nature, we get curious and involved.  When we are depressed, often we lack serotonin (those feel good hormones). You  increase your serotonin by getting your hands dirty, doing something you enjoy, even when you smile.  You feel better because your hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine, increase.  Yes, smiling and playing in the dirt will have you feeling good!

Nature Connected

Now consider that beautiful pine tree out back.  Can you appreciate its shade? What has it withstood over many winters?  What does it provide the birds and critters?  Can you be appreciate how a little pine cone seed can metamorphosize into this incredible plant?  What about the ground it is rooted in?  Be curious about the microbes affecting the character of the soil, what the animals and insects must do to survive living here.  As you get in touch with the ever-changing character of all of nature’s elements, you become reconnected.  You can better understand this world in which we are part of, and your part in it.  This is nature connection, this is when we are open and in touch with deeper meaning.  Here we can learn, grow and expand.  From this, we can make a difference in our own lives, and in the world at large.

Man sitting in tree

Learning from Nature

Being in nature, the sights, smells, and sounds, promote relaxation and resonance.  Look closely at that tree, listen to the wind and birds, appreciate the fragrance or texture of a plant, feel the air on your skin and your posture standing or on your seat.  Be present to the wonders and wonderfulness of nature.   Time in nature also allows for care of the body as well. Move, get stronger, or breathe harder, allow nature to develop your endurance and strength.  Do you like hiking, exploring, gardening or yard work?  All of these allow for nature connection, and you may also get some chores done as well!  For many, this makes ‘exercise’ much easier, and you benefit in so many other ways!

Would you like to experience a mindfulness or nature-connected coaching session in nature?  Contact me to set up your discovery session and get you out in nature to maximize the benefit you can receive from the natural world and your place in it!