I was climbing a small mountain the other day, I felt unsettled, and the world felt unsettled. When I feel this I wonder, ‘Is it me?’, or am I picking up ‘stuff’ from out there?  Do you ever wonder this?  Sometimes I don’t feel good about life, even without good reason, and I can’t blame any particular events or situations going on in my life.  Have you ever had this happen to you?

Clouds over mountains
Blowing the clouds away

It felt good to climb, it made me breathe deeper.  Deep breathing is the first place to go when stress of this sort comes up. The wind was blowing and I looked up to see a bank of clouds stacked up against an invisible line.  One side dense clouds, the other side clear.  The clouds just stopped, and the blue sky started.  This line progressed east, and then the sun finally appeared.  It was like the wind was blowing the clouds away.

As the sun came out, I started to feel lighter, like the wind also blew away my concerns.  What was scattered now felt directed, I now felt clear and lighter.  I realized that sometimes we have dark and chaos in our lives, sometimes we need to live with the dark and upheaval.  Be with feelings of heaviness and scattered, and trust that the clearing will come soon.  At some point everything will be bright again.

Chris and Anna dancing on rocks

Creating trust

We can build trust knowing that we are only in the process, this moment is just a small piece of much bigger design.  With faith and determination, we will can blow our clouds away, come into a clearing after darkness.  Where in your life could you trust in your process, that soon you will move beyond your current darkness, to wisdom and light?

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