There is much evidence about positive psychology and our ability to change our thinking.  Neuroplasticity, brain change, is a growing field, recognized as a critical way to help people feel better about themselves and live a more positive life.  This suggest that there is a system to retrain your mind.  Consider this- Every time you have a thought, that thought pathway is strengthened.  So if you have 70,000 thoughts a day (which many of us do), certain pathways get quite strong.  Doesn’t it make sense to think more of what you want to strengthen, what feels good, than what you don’t?Thinking girl

Positive Change

If you are interested in how positive change happens, see this article In search of durable positive psychology interventions: Predictors and consequences of long-term positive behavior change. ‘Overall, the results suggest that positive psychology interventions are not just efficacious but of significant value in participants’ real lives’. So many studies give evidence of the beneficial effects of mindfulness and positive psychology.  It really is quite fascinating, we can, and do, have an effect on our thinking!  Yes, it takes effort, and yes, we will have to change habitual patterns to make this change, but we can do this.  You can do this!

Neurons firing

Think of it like exercise.   As you exercise regularly, your muscles get stronger.  With continual practice you stay strong, and the behavior of doing so becomes a habit.   Your neurons are firing together, strengthening as they work together, remembering this pattern.  You have now created a positive change in your life!  Practice what you want to get good at, and not what you don’t!  Neurons that fire together, wire togther

Creating Change

Often what happens in our mind is that we fall back on the same patterns of undermining thought change.  Either we don’t practice enough or we let self-deprecating thoughts run rampede. This is where coaching and mindfulness can make a difference.  Coaching makes a profound difference to help you see thought-patterns and beliefs, and then supports you to make the change.  Mindfulness practice helps you create new neuropathways to increase positivity in your life.  The combination of the two is a powerful way to help you move toward a more positive and effective life.  Ready for a session?  Visit here to set up your complimentary discovery session.