Monday Mornings

Stretch, Balance & Relax Class

Virtual and in-person (limited space)

Woman Stretching

Ready to start the week off feeling relaxed and balanced?

Join me Mondays at 10:30am MT on a guided tour of gentle stretches and balance exercises designed to help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing, followed by relaxation and mindful techniques to release stress, ground you and help you go into the week with more focus and ease!

Did you know that having good balance helps prevent falls, injury, and simply makes your daily activities easier to perform?  Regular stretching also allows the body to do every day activities with greater ease and range of motion.

Benefits of flexibility and balance

– Decrease risk of falls
– Increased mobility
– Greater sense of wellbeing
– Reduction in stress
– Releases toxins from the body
– Supports better movement and range of motion
– Greater body awareness
– Minimize injury
– Decrease joint and back pain
– Greater ability to re-balance when off balance
– Better function-ability
– Maintains independence

Training the mind with relaxation techniques and stress reduction activities helps you to feel more present, in control and engaged in your life.
Woman doing Morning Stretch

If you are looking to release stress, carve out some quiet, self-nurturing time for yourself, please join us!   Let the cares of the day (and week) dissolve away!

Say Yes! to your well-being and relaxation!

Classes will be offered virtually and in person here at my home in the foothills of Colorado. Energizing, relaxing movement and mindfulness accommodating all levels. Every class will be unique blend of movement and mindfulness practices to help you feel better in your skin and feel more attuned to your best self.

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in joining us in person or virtual so I can send you additional information.

Cost is on a sliding scale, so please don’t let this be a barrier to caring for your wellbeing.  Please sign up and join us!

I look forward to hearing from you!

My style is all-inclusive, offering options and variations for all levels and abilities; you work at your own pace/level and feel right at home.