Do you remember what it was like playing in nature when you were a child? Was it OK to get dirty? To make up your own world? To be who ever you wanted to be?

Did your parents encourage you? Was there someone who was there looking closely at the wonders and intricacies of the the natural world with you? Do you still look in wonder at our beautiful world now??

SunriseStudies have shown that when we are supported in exploring the natural world, our personal world’s are enhanced. We are healthier, have increased social connections, stress is lower and creativity is higher. And, it is also good for the world. Kids who grow up exploring, learning about this larger world, tend to nurture and care for it, practice sustainable ways of living with nature.

It starts with being aware, paying attention. Even now, many of us well beyond our childhood days can start here. It’s never too late to explore, be curious, dig in the dirt, follow a faint path. Remember how it made you feel. Keep the joy of life alive by spending time in nature, all senses, fully embodied. It’s never too late to have a 2nd childhood or to enjoy the wonders of nature!