I was climbing a small mountain the other day. I felt unsettled, the world felt unsettled. When I feel this, I wonder is it me or am I picking up something from out there? Do you ever wonder this? Sometimes, without good reason, I don’t feel good about life, and I can’t blame x, y or z going on in my life.

It was good to climb, it made me breathe deeper. Breathing deeper is the first place to go when stress of this sort comes up. The wind was blowing and there was a bank of cloud stack up against an invisible line. The clouds just stopped, and the blue sky started. As this line progressed east, the sun finally appeared. It was like the wind was blowing the clouds away.
118_1872And, it was like the wind blew my cares away.  As the sun came out, I started to feel lighter. What was scattered felt directed, I again felt clear and sunny. I realized that sometimes we need to live with the wind, ‘be’ with feeling flighty and scattered, trusting that a clearing will come soon. At some point again, everything will be clear again. Trust, trust whatever is there will finally blow away, and trust wherever we are in the process is just right.