…is an old path. I don’t know where it ends, but I know where it begins. Do I continue to follow an old worn path, or do I need to be on that fresh, new one? Or, do I step off the path and forge my own way? It is for me to determine.

Path thru Aspen

In life, it seems we are supposed to follow worn, old ways of doing things. But more often than not, I am more inclined to wander, not follow a designated way. Living in a linear society has it’s challenges, and often, stepping off the main way of doing things is frowned upon. It’s like we must know where we are going, and where the path will end up.  How many really do?

I don’t know about you but I struggle with that assumption. The path I follow is my path, and often I see no tread or tracks before me. Sometimes this appears to be a wander, maybe it is an opening to whatever may come next. The practice is learning to be ok with that…

Where in your life are you following the assumed way, the way society says you are supposed to go?  What is your path, or your way, through the forest of life?