Fit and Functional after 50

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Fit and Functional after 50 Webinar

Tuesday April 11, 6:45-7:45pm
via Zoom
  • Do you want to feel healthier and function better in your life?
  • Looking for easy ways to improve your health and wellbeing NOW?
  • Want to know what’s most important to extend your quality of life and your longevity?


Want to age successfully?  ‘Successful’ aging allows us the quality of life we want far into our golden years, but how do we do that?

In this webinar, you will learn what wellness is, and how your actions now will affect your longevity, regardless of your age.  We will key in on the choices you can make now that will have the greatest impact on your aging and longevity.

Here you will find out the top 10 tips for you to be fit and functional after fifty. Get healthier and function better (physically and mentally), so you can do the activities most important to you and feel good in your body, and mind, as you age!

Tuesday April 11, 6:45-7:45pm

 via Zoom
No Charge, just your presence

This is your program if you would like better health and wellbeing and are seeking the top ways to improve your longevity now!


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