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Celebrating Winter Solstice

Today is the December 21, the Winter Solstice.  For us in the northern hemisphere this is the shortest day of the year, least light, most darkness.  This day marks the start of Winter, the season of dormancy, darkness and cold.  But it also represents the coming of lighter, longer days. This is something we can [...]

Celebrating Winter Solstice2020-12-21T15:14:08-07:00

Enjoy life more, stress less

Coaching changes lives Are you feeling the strain of our current life situation? Seeking your best way to increase ease, get more exercise, or get unstuck from uncertainty? Do you need to find a way to express yourself and find constructive solutions? Maybe it's time for you to try coaching?!  Life Coaching is a partnership [...]

Enjoy life more, stress less2020-10-19T15:33:29-06:00

Wellness in the Mountains- Breathing

I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can support people to be healthier and happier.  If you take time to care for your well-being, you could potentially enhance and extend your time on this earth.  Wouldn't you want this?  If you are going to be alive, why not be as functional, pain-free [...]

Wellness in the Mountains- Breathing2019-11-17T12:08:42-07:00
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